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Starry Sky

What is an Oracle Card Reading?


I rarely tell a person what they “need.” Instead I allow Spirit and your Spirit Guides to use me as a conduit to help you get the confirmation you are seeking to realize, based on what already resonates within you on a spiritual level.  
Oracle cards are types of cards that form a card deck that provides individuals with answers to their innermost questions. These questions and answers are generally spiritual in nature and are thought to provide a glimpse or outlook into the individual being read.
Oracle cards for divination have been in existence for over 200 years.  Oracle card were created as more of an inspirational tool. Unlike tarot cards that have the darker images of the “Hanged Man” and “Death,” oracle cards typically stick with more positive images and many decks are based on angels or healing themes.
As your oracle card reader, I will focus on the question at hand before shuffling the deck of cards. Then you will be asked to select cards from the deck - the number of cards chosen will vary depending upon your needs and what the cards have to say.   Each card offers insight into the answer to the original question. I often find that three cards can offer a past, present, future explanation.
Your Spirit Guides and Guardians want to communicate with you, but most  of the time, life gets in the way and we are too busy to listen. 
By allowing me to act as your Oracle Card conduit, I can provide you with the messages from your guides.
Kevin - Psychic Reader.
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