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  1. I am working to enhance the well being of the client as a Reiki practitioner.

  2. The client is entitled to truth, confidentiality, and the respect of their human dignity.

  3. The client has the right to accept or refuse any form of treatment. 

  4. I shall not refuse a client on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or political belief. However, notwithstanding this clause, I reserves the right to refuse a client for reasons of personal safety and/or other reasons, which do not contravene the aforementioned item. 

  5. I shall retain accurate and up-to-date records on  dealings with the client. These records should be maintained in a secure location and must be considered confidential. No information contained within the records should be released without the written consent of the client. 

  6. I shall never ask a client to disrobe and shall not allow such action to take place.

  7. When the client has given permission for “hands on” therapy, I shall use light hand pressure when placing hands on the client's body.

  8. I shall not refuse or withdraw services without justifiable cause. Such reasons include but are not limited to conflict of interest between the member and the client that jeopardizes the professional relationship or illegal or unjust or fraudulent actions taken or proposed by the client.  


  1. I am working to enhance the image of the metaphysical community by living with personal and professional integrity.

  2. I am treating all persons equally without prejudice or discrimination because of sex, race, ethnic background, color, religious affiliation, or sexual preference.

  3. I am scrupulously avoiding fraudulent claims, practices, and promises, and I always strive for quality in readings and all metaphysical and spiritual work.

  4. I am encouraging seekers to accept total responsibility for their lives and the choices they must make in their lives.

  5. I am honoring others’ points of view, even those that differ from mine.

  6. I am setting reasonable fees no hidden costs or surprise fees. I do not keep the client falsely engaged just to increase my fee.

  7. I am keeping all readings confidential and discreet.

  8. I am not claiming 100% because no one has or is meant to have all the answers all the time. Spirit, God, and/or the Universe has a plan that is not always revealed to us.

  9. I advise my clients that I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor and therefore do not provide psychological counseling.

  10. I do not counsel that someone is about to die or has a terminal disease even if I feel serious illness may be present.

  11. I never try to force clients to accept what I am telling them.

  12. I keep the clients’ welfare in mind first. In cases where I feel I cannot psychically serve them , I advise them honestly and either refund their money or refer them to another psychic counselor.

  13. I promise to work conscientiously for the highest and best good of my clients.

  14. Finally, Readings are for entertainment purposes only, nothing is finite, with free will, you control your life.

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